Village of Timberlane Zoning Ordinance
  Village of Timberlane Zoning Map (updated 11/17/11 by  Ordinance O11-321-01)
  Village Building Permits and Inspections (847) 233-1246
Building permits and inspections are required for new construction and for remodelling projects. SAFEbuilt issues permits and performs inspections for the Village. Contact SAFEbuilt for a permit or to schedule an inspection. Visit SAFEbuilt's web page for more information.

Building Permit Fee Schedule.

A 20% administration fee is added to the cost of each permit.

Zoning Application Information and Forms

Homeowner's Association Regulations and Permits
Homeowner's associations may have additional regulations and permitting requirements. Check with your subdivision's homeowner's association for more information.
  Julie - (800) 892-0123
Call before you dig! Check Julie's web page for more information.