Orth Road Closure - Bridge Out

Update - Construction Started! February 4, 2014

October 2013
Received 2 bids for bridge reconstruction:
Civil Constructors $623,825
Illinois Constructors $706,990
Hanson Engineering Estimate of Cost $695,691

September 25, 2013

August 2013
The IDNR did the Incidental Take of the mussel population under and around the bridge to be replaced on August 15, 2013. They moved from 100' upstream to 100' downstream with a team of 6, including one expert who has written a book on mussels. They located 14 species of mussels NONE of which were on the endangered list. They took 14 samples but 10 of these were already dead.

With the Incidental Take completed we are now waiting for a letter from IDNR allowing us to send the bridge construction out for bid letting. This should be completed soon and the bid letting will take place in November through IDOT and with the help of Boone County Engineer, Rich Lundin. Once the bid letting is done and the contractor selected we should be in line for construction in early spring of 2014.

May 2013
Orth Road Bridge Update
Endangered Mussel Species Holds Up Bridge Project

February 2012
The Village of Timberlane would like to advise residents that Orth Road between Caledonia Road and IL Rte 76 will be closed indefinitely.

Recent structural damage has been found on the large, eastern bridge nearest IL 76 and until the Illinois Department of Transportation determines the next course of action they have ordered that the bridge be closed.

This closure order will remain in full force until such time that the bridge is determined to be safe, repaired or reconstructed by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

This action has been ordered by IDOT in the interest of the motoring public's safety. _____________________________________________

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The Village of Timberlane, Illinois, located 75 miles west of Chicago and 20 miles east of Rockford, is a short drive to O'Hare Airport and Chicago Rockford International Airport, and is near Interstate 90. As a result, the residents of Timberlane can enjoy the opportunities of large metropolitan areas, while living in a pleasant, friendly, small town atmosphere.

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